Carrie Cathleen is an award winning Equine, Nature, Sports, and Pet photographer based in the mountains of Colorado. Her lifelong love of horses and animals, as well as her work as a professional rider, translate beautifully into her photography.

At an early age, Carrie found her self fascinated with incredible, dramatic sports images. "Their beauty and energy always captivated me." Today it gives her a great thrill to be able capture sporting events such as the World Snow Polo Championships, GoPro Mountain Games, local rodeos, and horse shows.

Much of her landscape and nature work revolves around the Colorado idea of "Living the Dream". Whether she is creating an image in the mountains of Colorado, the deserts of Utah, or the American Southwest, the amazement of the beauty shines through in her work. 


"We are so lucky to be living in such a wonderful place as the mountains of Colorado. The phrase "living the Dream" is often heard, and, in truth, we are. There is no place on earth quite like here. I tell people that it's Mayberry with arts and restaurants!"


 In her work, Carrie centers the belief to capture what the camera sees. Some editing is done; However, the photo is basically as it was shot. Colors maybe enhanced, sharpening maybe done, vignette maybe added, but no major part of the photo is replaced, removed, or added.  


So, if you're looking for that special portrait of your Equine or Canine friend, or you're in need of a great landscape print, or you're looking for a fine art print of America's Wild Mustangs or our western heritage please let Carrie Cathleen Photography help you find what works perfect for you!